One with Nature Retreat with Go Dharmic -


Oct 02 - 04 2024

One with Nature Retreat with Go Dharmic

November 20, 2023

Immerse yourself in nature, connect with your inner self, and support Go

Dharmic’s mission on this transformative retreat. Join us for a journey through Snowdonia National Park, filled with yoga, Dharma teachings, and the option to climb Mount Snowdon.

This beautifully designed retreat is your chance to delve deeper into your true

self while making a positive impact on the planet and humanity. We offer guided hikes, yoga, meditation, breathwork, cold water therapy, daily teachings, kirtan, and delicious vegan meals—all in the stunning backdrop of Snowdonia National Park.

Special Guest Speaker: Gain valuable insights into environmental issues and climate

change from our special guest speaker. Join us in making a difference and saving our


This is also an incredible opportunity for you to fundraise for Go Dharmic.

Upon signing up you will get your own fundraising page to share with your community, giving them a chance to support your charitable efforts and raise money for the good causes of Go Dharmics work.

Take a journey with GO Dharmic to the stunning landscape of Snowdonia National park. 2nd August – 4th August 2024.

Walk through blissful nature, Jump in the fresh lake waters, practice yoga in the great outdoors, and study with us the meaning of Dharma and the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita.

Explore the rocky ridges and protected slopes of this majestic mountain steeped in rich history and beauty.

During the retreat , learn more about the ancient and enlightening practices of Yoga & Pranayama with Dahlia Grace, Founder of Soul Shifters Yoga.

Alongside deeply nourishing yourself, you’ll also be inspired in new ways you give back to your community by discovering The Ancient concept of Dharma, which teaches us how we can practically apply for compassionate action today. Taught by Hanuman Das, Founder of Go Dharmic.

But most importantly you will have the chance to fundraise for your journey from your local community, all donations will go to Go Dharmics work in the UK & around the world to Love all, Serve all, Feed all.

Be sure to check in with the company  you work for if they do donation matching, you may be able to double your efforts.

This beautifully designed retreat is a chance for you to go deeper into who you are and the incredible positive impact you can have in your lifetime.

All Meals, shared accommodation & activities are included in the price.

Exclu: Travel to and from Snowdonia.

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