Mini Minds - Introducing yoga and meditation to schools


Introducing yoga and meditation to schools



Some schools can be rough, difficult places, especially in underprivileged inner cities. Children can get into a lot of trouble and experience a lot of trauma in these difficult environments where they are often suffering from anger, bullying, aggression, difficulties at home, violence, hunger, poverty and other challenging situations.


Studies have shown that teaching children mindfulness and meditation can have a tremendously positive effect on their ability to manage their difficult environments. Kids who practise yoga, deep breathing, meditation develop calm minds and an ability to cope much better with the ups and downs of daily life. This campaign was launched by Maureen Fields, a budding yoga teacher and Sanskrit student in Glasgow. Today hundreds of children have benefited from Yoga and meditation classes in schools.


If you have the skills to teach mindfulness, meditation or yoga, visit your local school and spend time with the children. These skills will be invaluable tools for the development of the children. You can do this as a one-off event or set up a club at the school where children can benefit from the classes on a regular basis. Schools can often afford to pay you for this!

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