Go Dharmic was started in 2011 by Hemal Randerwala. He was given the spiritual name Hanuman Dass by former Harvard Professor Ram Dass who introduced him to his beloved Guru and Saint, Neem Karoli Baba.

The seed of inspiration for Go Dharmic was set. Neem Karoli Baba’s universal message of ‘loving all, feeding all and serving all ’ this was the foundation stone. His message was and is a universal one, appropriate for people of all religions and those of none at all. Maharaji taught his devotees that the best way to spend our time is in service of of the poor and in helping others. As the ancient texts of India unanimously declare, ‘Dharma is love for all beings’ and the call to ‘Go Dharmic’, is a universal call to serve, volunteer and help make our world a better place. Go Dharmic was created to be a platform to promote universal compassionate action and to galvanise volunteers to give up their time to make a difference. We wish to be ambassadors of peace, working to help the least fortunate in our societies as well as work to heal our environment.

Neem Karoli Babas message is clear. ‘Love is the strongest medicine, it is more powerful than electricity.’ GD is based firmly on the premise that love and compassion are the greatest pathways to a better world for the whole global community. Our social action campaigns are based on the principles of Love, Compassion, Non-harming, Friendship, truth, Service, Peace & Charity.


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