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We can’t stop crisis from happening. But we can always help to rebuild and restore with emergency response teams located throughout the world



No one knows when the next earthquake, flood or tsunami will strike. Children are severely affected by natural disasters. They also suffer greatly during conflict, drought and disease outbreaks. Go Dharmic’s natural disaster response and emergency relief campaign helps protect vulnerable people during disasters and its aftermath. Delivering life-saving emergency relief. And staying as long as we can to ensure children and families can recover from the losses, restore their lives and build their resilience for years to come. Many of our team members made a significant effort during the devastating Nepal Earthquake, where we provided food, supplies, and guidance to those impacted by the earthquake.


If you would like to be on our standby list for our crisis response team, please sign up below. Whatever your location, you can never predict when a disaster is going to hit and your help may be needed. So, gather your friends and family, and create your own local response group and get them to all sign-up. If there’s a disaster in your area, we will then contact you, and help you to get out to the affected areas to help.

Sign up sheet. Name, email, phone number, address. 

Please also share details about your efforts below, we would love to hear about the amazing work you have done!

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