Join us as we celebrate Hanuman Janmotsav by chanting 108 Chalisas for World Peace.

International Kirtan stars will come together to commemorate Hanumanji’s auspicious birth and raise funds for Go Dharmic’s Humanitarian Relief efforts and Social Action initiatives.

There can be no greater way of celebrating the Loving spirit of Shri Rama’s most devoted servant than by chanting Chalisa’s and serving vulnerable individuals and protecting our planet.

Now in our fourth year, this event has become one of the World’s biggest Hanuman Janmotsav events, reaching millions of people.

The event will be livestreamed on Thursday, the 23rd of April, at 11:00 AM – BST

The event will feature the popular kirtan singers Nina Rao, Jai Uttal, Sai Priya and Jaya Deva. There will also be a grand finale sung by the legendary chanter Krishna Das. Together, they will share their hearts with you in a powerful gathering of Love for the World

“Every line of the Hanuman Chalisa is a Mahamantra.”


The Hanuman Chalisa is one the most widely chanted hymns across the world. Written by Tulasidas, it is a prayer which blesses us with strength, courage, and resilience. In today’s world where violence, distrust and damage to our planet has become the norm, reciting the Hanuman Chalisa gives us the energy and the spirit to overcome injustice and inequality with Love.

Last year, we reached over 500K people through our live session, making it the biggest Hanuman Jayanti event in the World! This year, let’s make it bigger and better!

I chant the Hanuman Chalisa every day as a way to be present to the love that exists within each one of us. This annual festival of love for Hanuman ji is a celebration of what Go Dharmic is, a platform to serve the world as Hanuman served..


You can sponsor a Chalisa for £108, though every donation of any amount will make a global difference. The name and message attached to each sponsored Chalisa will be shown during the event.

(Please get your dedications in before 15/04/24 at 5:00 PM (BST) to guarantee your dedication message will be included in the event)

If you just want to donate to Go Dharmic without sponsoring a Chalisa, then feel free to donate whatever you can. Regular donations make all the difference!’

Join us to chant Hanuman Chalisas, spread peace and inspire action for the welfare of the world. - Hanuman Dass

Funds raised will go directly to Go Dharmic, a grassroots charity that works to relieve suffering through Social Action campaigns. Guided by Neem Karoli Baba’s ethos to “Love all. Feed all. Serve all.”

Go Dharmic is a beacon of seva, working to support education, environmental action, equality, health, disaster relief and the global poor.

Singing Tulsidas’s verses will create a community of Love and Strength. We cannot wait for you to join us.

Sponsor a Chalisa and Serve as Hanuman Served

As we celebrate Hanuman Janmotsav and honour the virtues of this great devotee, we are reminded of the importance of seva. By following in the footsteps of Hanuman, we can cultivate a spirit of compassion, generosity, and selflessness that will not only benefit ourselves, but make a positive vibration across the world.

Follow in Hanuman’s footsteps by making a donation and sponsoring a Chalisa. Donations will go towards Go Dharmic’s programs to alleviate global poverty, support education, resolve climate change, and provide humanitarian relief. By contributing to these causes, we are embodying the spirit of Hanuman and doing our part to make a Peaceful World.

If you donate: