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As climate change and global warming are becoming an increasingly prominent threat to our environment, this is our chance to make small changes in our lifestyle to make a difference.



The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) warned the world in one of their reports in 2018 stating, ‘We have only 12 years to reverse the climate change.’

We are in 2022 and have few years with us to reverse this. Go Dharmic believes in saving our planet, working for our environment and showing compassion towards it.

Driven by the eight principles of Dharma, we promise to work rigorously for the environment under our umbrella initiative of Go Green. Go Green essentially has all the campaigns which are in lines to protect our environment. We have been working for climate change since the last few years and would like to dedicate our upcoming years towards collectively going green for a better tomorrow.


Below are our existing campaigns which are designed for a greener world.


  1. Go Organic

    Since 2011, we are working towards urging people to opt to consume organic produce and support organic farming under our campaign ‘Go Organic’


If you too believe in our cause, click to Go Organic!

  1. Give it a Grow

    We pledge to plant about 1 million trees to combat rapid deforestation under our campaign ‘Give it a Grow’.

If you too believe in our cause, click to Give it a Grow!

New Campaigns

  1. Go Plant-Based

    With all the statistics available, we believe food is the key! Under our campaign Go Plant-Based, we focus on urging people to consume plant-based food which can impact the environment in a massive way along with reducing the harm on animals.

If you too believe in our cause, click to Go Plant-Based!

  1. Go Fuel Free

    The extreme usage of road transport has given a rise to CO2 emissions released by the transport sector. Under our campaign   ‘Go Fuel Free’ we focus on shifting to fuel-less options of travelling like walking or cycling wherever possible and be a part of a solution.

If you too believe in our cause, click to Go Fuel Free!

  1. Save and Switch

    Energy-based pollution is one of the leading causes for the environmental crisis.
    The generation of electricity and the overconsumption of it has led to this. Under our campaign ‘Save and Switch’ we aim to urge people to save electricity and switch to renewable sources of energy wherever possible.

If you too believe in our cause, click to Save and Switch!

Apart from working through our campaigns, we also try and inculcate green values in our other campaigns.

1. Feed Everyone

Under this campaign, we are working relentlessly to provide food to the homeless and vulnerable people across the globe! To ensure environmental safety while we do this, we
A. Provide plant-based meals
B. Use biodegradable boxes to serve these meals
C. Avoid using plastic in packaging

2. Good Karma Store

The Good Karma Store is our initiative to reuse and upscale fashion. With so much wastage and pollution caused by the Textile Industry, it’s time that we consciously select how we deal with clothing.
Here our donors donate the high-quality wedding outfits/ party wears and provide them to people who can second buy and use them.

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