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Scroll through our campaigns which are sponsored by our great partners and help us deliver real social change. Together with your support we can make a difference in society. We want to deliver campaigns in each of the United Nations Sustainable development Goals.


SHAPE-A-FUTURE Millions of children around the world grow up without basic access

FEED EVERYONE Homelessness globally is on the rise. The increased presence of

CRISIS RESPONSE We can’t stop crisis from happening. But we can always

GO PLANT BASED “A vegan diet is probably the single biggest way

GO GREEN As climate change and global warming are becoming an increasingly

GO ORGANIC Go Organic was the very first Go Dharmic campaign back

GO FUEL FREE The air pollution caused by the transport industry is

DIGITISING EDUCATION Technology is the keystone to improving quality, access, and affordability

GIVE IT A GROW This campaign is to encourage people to plant

MINI MINDS Introducing yoga and meditation to schools donate now POWERED BY

PEACE LETTERS Our ‘Peace Letters’ campaign was created to encourage people to

GIVE VISION In India cataract has been reported to be responsible for

ACTS OF KINDNESS Acts of Kindness Can Change the World POWERED BY

COMPASSION FOR ANIMALS Just as we protect human rights, we need to

GIVE OXYGEN INDIA Donate now and help us to get oxygen, urgent

SAVE AND SWITCH POWERED BY : PROBLEM! The cost of generating electricity

Wash your hands promoted by GoDharmic

WASH YOUR HANDS The Campaign ‘Wash your Hands’ is a simple but

EMERGENCY CORONAVIRUS APPEAL Help raise money to feed the elderly, vulnerable &

EMERGENCY CORONAVIRUS APPEAL INDIA Help us raise money to support the families

BRILLIANCE THROUGH SPORT Promote ‘Brilliance through Sport’. A campaign powered by London

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