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Technology is the keystone to improving quality, access, and affordability in rural India. With this Initiative under our Shape a Future Campaign, we are trying to address the digital divide in education by tackling rural accessibility.



The pandemic has greatly affected the formal means of education.

While many students had an opportunity to access online educational classes, the children from underprivileged & rural areas were not able to access them.


A child’s mind is like a clean slate. It must have an opportunity to fill it with the information that will help him lifelong.

What does it take to learn a language?

-An urge to learn
-A guide
-A medium

Go Dharmic and Klik2Learn are here to enable children to learn a language with ease, in their homes.


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Ratanpur School Visit

We visited Ratanpur School to teach students how to use Global English Videos and Grammar games on the hub. There are lot of videos and games […]

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Klik2learn Test

Slowly and Steadily students of Ratanpur School are making a progress and that’s why they are now introduced to the test on the hub. This is […]

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Klik2learn Orientation

Klik2learn orientation for students and faculties was done by GD Volunteers. They seem to be happy about learning English via games and videos.

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Visit to Ratnapur School

GD Volunteers visited Ratanpur school today to introduce them to the concept of online learning/ Digitizing the education. Pandemic have affected a lot of families and […]

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