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Just as we protect human rights, we need to protect and work collectively for animal rights as well. Protection of stray animals is our responsibility, as these creatures cannot speak but they do have emotions. They are a gift from nature to us!



Many times we forget that animals are as important as trees to mankind. People abuse and kill these innocent animals for selfish reasons such as laboratory experiments of chemicals, drugs, food, etc or production of leather, fur, and other textiles.

Over 115 million animals – mice, rats, dogs, cats, rabbits, monkeys, birds, among others – are killed in laboratory experiments worldwide for chemical, drug, food, and cosmetics testing every year.

There are 5,000-6,000 tigers living in captivity in China to fuel the traditional medicine industry.


There are certain laws made by the government for Animal Protection & Welfare. We urge people to act according to these laws and protect the animals from exploitation. 


  • Educate our children to treat animals with love, care and respect.

  • Avoid using any textiles made up of an animal’s body

  • Take care of the stray animals in our surroundings such as cats, dogs, cows, etc.

  • Avoid eating non-vegetarian food items such as meat, beef, sea food, etc.

  • Form animal welfare groups to take care and keep a check on stray animals.

  • If any animal is suffering from any sort of disease or injury, contact the veterinary doctor to rescue the ailment.

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Compassion for animals’

A heartwarming sight of a GD volunteer Debabrata Mondal and a stray monkey! We truly have one mission, ‘Love all’ and our campaign COMPASSION FOR ANIMALS […]

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