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March 1, 2022

‘Be a Champion! ’

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We have big plans to improve the lives of millions in 2022, and big plans need big backing. In the absence of in-person fundraising events due to the pandemic, we have updated our fundraising strategy to keep up with the virtual times we live in. Therefore, we are running our biggest ever fundraiser to date, online! 

The campaign is simple, and the key is communication. On 6th March 2022, our Champion fundraisers will jump into action to inspire as many donations as they can in a time-limited period of just 36 hours! They can talk to their friends, family members, colleagues, their high school crush, through any communication medium: text, WhatsApp, social media, email, phone, or, if you’re lucky, an in-person conversation.

We will work behind the scenes to raise the equivalent amount of money from match funder gifts to double the pot and the impact it will have! This means every donation our Champions inspire will be doubled! Whether you desire to become a match funder or a champion (or both!), this is a unique opportunity for you to join the effort to raise £1 Million in 36 hours for Go Dharmic! 

Become a Go Dharmic Champion 

  • Go Dharmic Champions are incredible individuals who will support our work through fundraising efforts.

  • It is super easy and effective.

  • On the 6th March, you will join hundreds of other Champions over the 36 hours period in asking your network of family, friends and colleagues to show their support and donate to Go Dharmic.

  • The ask is simple. You explain that whatever donations are made within this time will get matched by our corporate sponsors. This info pack should provide you with all of the information to explain Go Dharmic’s work to your interested potential donors.

  • You can use any communication tool you like: text, WhatsApp, Social Media, Email, Telephone and can conduct the whole fundraiser in your pyjamas from your living room.

  • You can sign up as an individual or a duo, however, we would strongly encourage you to create a champion team. In a team you will have the capacity to reach further, your pot will grow bigger faster and, most importantly, it’s more fun!

  • We will help you with everything you need closer to the time, from reaching your target, to messaging and all the other details.

  • All funds raised within the time will be doubled, making a huge difference to the causes Go Dharmic supports.

Become a Match Funder

We are currently seeking match funders to sponsor the event. In return, we will have a range of benefits that we can offer your company or organisation. All contributions will be matched during a time-limited period of just 36 hours by the fundraising efforts of our dedicated champions. This means a matched funder gift will enable us to double the amount we raise and dramatically increase our reach and impact.


Click here to Sign up TODAY 

Further Questions about fundraising or recruiting team members?  

Email emily@godharmicstag.wpenginepowered.com

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