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With his infinite warmth, compassion, and experience, author and Go Dharmic Chairman, Hanuman Dass, uses universal and ancient principles to show how to raise well-being, be kinder to all living beings, and live a more fulfilled and connected inner and outer life. 


Originally working in the finance district of London, Hanuman Dass realised he had a deep spiritual and emotional void. He had cut himself off from people and the natural world. He sought the help of Neem Karoli Baba, who gave him the purpose to “Love All. Feed All. Serve All.” Hanuman Dass began to act through food distributions, planting forests, and developing libraries. 


He has spoken in Parliament Square for Loss and Damage Day. He has spoken in the House of Commons for World Women’s Day. He has given speeches and workshops across the UK, India, and across America, and has been a guiding voice for environmental and social causes. 


Hanuman Dass brings a powerful and practical spirituality to contemporary issues. He explores how concepts like ahimsa (non-harming) can be applied as solutions to Climate Change, Global Food Insecurity, and Animal Suffering. His ideas and strategies have relevance for both the young and old, and invites them to create what Martin Luther King Jr. called “the Beloved Community.”


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