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Donate now and help us to get oxygen, urgent supplies and additional temporary hospital capacity to the places that need it.



There is currently an acute lack of oxygen supplies in some parts of India. In Delhi, the GD team is now building a temporary hospital with 30 beds with oxygen cylinders and 6 ventilators; while in Kolkata they have been building hospital capacity which will give 100 new beds and 100 cylinders of Oxygen. They are not only sourcing in India, orders for 50 oxygen concentrators are being dispatched from the UK.

“This is a critical moment where we have to use our time, energy, and financial resources to save the lives of our brothers and sisters in India. I appeal to everyone in India and abroad to do everything in their power to provide whatever relief they can”.

-GD Founder, Hanuman Dass


We need money to get:

Urgent supplies of oxygen & other medical/non-medical items

Increased local hospital capacity

Additional temporary hospitals

In the areas of Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, and Kerala


The charity’s volunteers have been risking their own lives to deliver these supplies 24 hrs a day, to those most in need in India’s Covid crisis.

Go Dharmic seeks to raise £200k for this campaign to save lives in India.

A huge thank you to all of our partners who have been working extremely hard and for their significant donations to help us have the maximum impact and reach as many vulnerable people as possible.

Give oxygen India

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We are One Call Away.

GD/Uber and it’s Fleet of drivers and Volunteers reaching out to people in need with oxygen cylinders and Concentrators in the Delhi NCR region and Gurgaon.

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