A - Z Fundraising Ideas -

A - Z Fundraising Ideas

See our top ideas on how you can fundraise!
Whether you have half an hour spare, or months, we have different ways that you can fundraise and raise money for our causes.
Auction – Ask your friends and family to donate items and donate some of the profits.
Bake off – Challenge your friends to a bake-off and sell the cakes made.
Crafts – Turn your hobby into a fundraising activity. Bring together a group of people and charge them for the crafting activity.
Dinner Party – It’s something that can be hosted all year round, and can be adapted to appeal to most people. Our top tip is to pick a theme.
Endurance Challenge – Get sponsored to do 100 push-ups or hold a plank for as long as you can.
Football Match – See who will score the winning goals in a charity game.
Games night – Host a night of games and challenges with friends. Charge an entry fee, give some of the takings to the winner and donate the rest.
Head Shave – A brave way to raise money and we commend you!

Hour of pay – Convince people around you to donate an hour of pay to a great cause.
International Day – Choose your country, or go ‘around the world’, and charge people an entry fee. Have a think about dress codes, food, and music.
Jazz – Put on an evening of entertainment and charge for entry. Or if you’re a jazz musician yourself, you could share your talent and provide music lessons for donations.
Karaoke – Sing up a storm with lots of singing, dancing, and fun!
Lunch and learn – Set up a time for people to meet and learn over lunch. You could invite a guest speaker to talk about a specialist subject or you could share skills such as knitting, cooking or photography.
Marathon distance challenge – Attempt to run a marathon and ask people you know to donate a set amount of money for each mile you achieve.

Mountain climb – Raise money to climb a mountain or mountains like the Three Peaks Challenge for example.

Monopoly challenge – Try to visit every monopoly location around London in under 4h.
Night in – Invite your friends over for dinner and get them to donate the cost of a meal.
Online fundraising – Kick-start your own online fundraising page with us and advertise it through your social media.

Parachute jump – Get sponsored for a parachute jump and donate the extra money.

Quiz – Test everyone’s knowledge with a quiz night to raise money for us.
Raffle – Hold a raffle and donate the entry fees.
Special Event Fundraiser – If you are celebrating your birthday or getting married, instead of receiving gifts, you could ask your friends and family to donate.
Treasure hunt – Put together a treasure hunt around your town.

Tribute fund – Set up a tribute fund to commemorate a loved one or a person important to you.
University challenge – Organise your own University challenge.
Vegan challenge – If you have always wondered how much of a vegan you are, take on a vegan challenge and go vegan for a week or month for example (or why not forever?)
World record attempt – Ask people around you to sponsor you to attempt breaking a world record of your choice and donate the money collected.
Xmas fair and raffle – A wonderful way to raise money for Christmas.
Yes day – Have a whole day where you say ‘Yes’ to everything. Set up a few rules then let your friends come up with fun propositions.

Year long challenge – Take on a yearly challenge and raise money for us as you achieve your goals.

Zero waste day or week – Challenge yourself to go fully zero waste for a day or a whole week.