We don’t like where the dairy industry is headed. Greater use of pesticides, antibiotics and hormones mean that farmers are finding it tougher to produce milk sustainably whilst still being able to care for their cows, who often live in unfavourable conditions.

Why Organic?

Organic milk is the result of well looked after cows. It’s why it’s slightly more expensive but hey, that’s the cost of animal welfare and environmental sustainability!

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What have we done so far?

We began the Go Organic campaign back in 2011, talking to people and organisations at various events about the advantages of organic milk. We spoke to farmers Elfyn Davies (OMSCO’s Farmer of the Year 2011) and Neil Rowe to get their views on the farming of cows. We were also extremely fortunate in receiving funding from OMSCO to take our campaign further. We are proud to say that as a result of our conversations and interactions, 48,000 people and 26 temples took the pledge to Go Organic.

Here are Elfyn and Neil talking about the benefits of organic farming.

What can you do?

Our motto is “be the change” so we would love you to consider purchasing organic milk as part of your weekly shop. A few pennies spent ethically can literally change the world.

You can also spread the word by asking your favourite café, office canteen, restaurant, local temple or children’s school to put organic milk on the menu (if they’re already done so, fantastic!). Once they’re organic, pat them on the back for taking a significant step in the right direction.

Reward them

a) with this happy cow
b) share your success! Share your story on our Acts of Love, send photos and we will spread the word to everyone.

Go Organic today and alleviate the suffering of cows.

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