With one million interactions in over 40 countries, Go
Dharmic is a growing movement for individual and social change

We believe it is our collective responsibility to do the righteous thing for the welfare of all. Inspired by the Hindu philosophical concept of Dharma, which we interpret as righteous social conduct, we want to create a world where individuals can come together to create positive change in their lives and their communities.


We seek to build one of the world’s most impactful social platforms, in order to facilitate a global society that is compassionate to all.


To provide practical tools including knowledge and resources that will help individuals to affect change in their communities and the world.

Our Team


India Development Director

Janardan Nepal

Head of Development, Nepal

Dr Nicholas Sutton

Director of Education

Joshua Fields

Chief Executive Officer

Deepa Patel


Devaki Sutton

UK Development Manager

Maya Mistri

Social Media Manager


Maharashtra Development Manager

Alba Escayo

Go Dharmic Illustrator

Ashutosh Dave

Content Manager

Shubham Grover


We should care for all living beings not only human beings, Go Dharmic is a great project.

Satish Kumar

Author and Editor of Resurgence Magazine

Since its inception, Go Dharmic has stood for doing the right thing, for being compassionate. This is the real meaning of Dharma and this platform will become a force for good, and all that unconditional love represents.

Hanuman Dass

Founder of Go Dharmic

I am truly inspired by the work Go Dharmic are doing. You have opened my eyes.

Baroness Verma

Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for International Development

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