Vegetarianism and Morality

Peter Singer is considered by many to be the initiator of the animal rights movement in the West. I find his application of logic to ascertain what the path to Dharma not just very refreshing but also very Hindu. There are many instances in the Mahabharata where Shri Krishna declares that we should not blindly follow the rest of society, but carefully consider the path of right action. At one point, he even states that one who adheres blindly to the truth is no better than a fool. He tells a story of a saint who through his adherence to the truth directed criminals to an innocent man, who they looted and murdered. He asks how this can be the path to Dharma. In the context of this video, Richard Dawkins accepts that the pressures of conformity play a part in the consumption of meat, not decisions based on Dharma, ethics or morality.

– Hanuman Dass


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