This chef questioned the purpose of his life… and is now changing the world

The whole reason I wanted to set up Go Dharmic was to make a difference, to help bring to the fore content that we could share with each other and inspire one another to become better people.This is the story of a chef who questioned the purpose of his life and is now changing the world. Narayanan Krishnan in the CNN Heroes tribute below is a Dharmic Hero. As Swami Vivekananda said, “Feeding the poor is feeding God.”

This is such a wonderful story of an ordinary man, living an ordinary life who stopped and asked, “what is the purpose of my life?” He asked himself whether he could remain blind to the suffering of those who were destitute on his doorstep. His doorstep is our doorstep too, may he inspire us to Go Dharmic.

– Hanuman Dass


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