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Building a school in Guniya Lekh

You’ve probably never heard of Guniya Lekh, even if you are familiar with north India. In some ways, it isn’t vastly different from other villages. Nestling in the hills of Uttarakhand, Guniya Lekh is a village with a small population. Quite a way off road, it hasn’t been exposed to the rapid development as its neighbouring villages. The villagers mostly farm for a living. It has one school for all the children who live there. There are currently 40 children enrolled in primary school. Two teachers share the teaching responsibilities between them, with one of them commuting an hour and a half each way to school! The school itself isn’t big – a two room building with a small playground.

But what makes Guniya Lekh unique is the presence and drive of its Pradhan Sanjay and a wonderfully committed individual called Prema. They want more for the children and they want to start this by providing an after school space where the children can sing, dance, draw and be creative.

We want to support their dreams and those of the children of Guniya Lekh.

Our aim is to refurbish the school rooms into warm, inviting spaces where children can express themselves creatively. We plan to do this by adding furniture, some storage/shelving units and maybe, if we raise enough money, a mural on the outside wall. If you would like to donate to this worthy cause and make the childrens’ smile a bit wider, you can do it here

Here is a photo of the room that we plan to refurb:


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