Recycled learning by the young

This video is a little gem of the kind of social impact a small act can have. Admittedly a little dated (it was shot in 2008) but relevant nonetheless in that kernel of an idea – if we took responsibility to help each other, the world would be a brighter place. The essence then of this clip is not about education or educational attainment but about social action. It is the glimpse into a school in India that empowered its young women to go out into their community and give back in the most tangible way possible – teach other children what they knew.

We can go blue in the face debating whether this type of education is helpful, whether teaching in English should be made available to all children, whether this depicts a side of India that stereotypes it…  but we cannot deny that this gesture is the power of the individual, the collective and helps build socially active, socially responsible people.


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