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Thank you to all who have supported us over the past few months with loving thoughts and gestures. We are very excited by the news of our incorporation in India, equally this is just the first step in a long journey ahead.

We have lots of tasks, paperwork, filing, liaising to complete before we are fully operational and registered as a charity in both India and the UK. As you know, all great achievements require great effort and a grand vision.

Our sights are firmly set on a grand vision to create positive change in the lives of disadvantaged and vulnerable people in South Asia and the UK. With that in mind we carry on with steadfast resolve towards the realisation of this vision.
We have been lucky to cover basic operating costs like office bills, staff, printing, phone calls up until now. If we are to continue we need your help!

We are seeking early adopters who, with £10 or INR 1,000 a month, will help us make our vision a reality. In return for your generous financial support you will receive:

1) An invitation to participate in exclusive monthly webcast discussions with our founder, Hanuman Dass. There will be a monthly meditation, an update on the work done by Go Dharmic, and also time for questions.
2) Monthly articles from our scholar, Dr. Nicholas Sutton, on a wide range of dharmic topics
3) A quarterly newsletter with in-depth information about our work
4) A signed copy of two books: The Power of Dharma AND The Eternal Path.

Best of all, you will be an early adopter of a great mission: Of Dharma being a love for all beings.
Join us and start changing lives today!

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