Curable blindness is a big issue for us. There is no reason why millions of people are blind when it can cost so little to cure them.

We partner with Billimorawala Hospital in Navsari, Gujarat to provide free eye examinations, operations and after-care for those who would not otherwise be able to afford treatment. Set up in 1977, the hospital has treated more than 2.1 million people and operated on more than 250,000, with almost 70% at no cost to the patient. The hospital also conducts regular eye camps where people can get free eye screenings and tests.

Help us support Billimorawala Hospital in providing this vital service and reach greater numbers of people in need. Give someone the life-changing gift of sight.



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Kiran Jatania Donated $31
Ajay Randerwala Donated $10
aadil grover Donated $100
aadil grover Donated $50

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