“At 13, she is no longer an individual. She becomes the honour of her family.”

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Rebuilding Nepal

The earthquake that struck Nepal nearly a year ago had devastating consequences for its people. Our effort has been to help children gain access to materials that they lost in the tragedy.

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Penguin love

A fantastic story of the power of love and compassion. An act of love from a local fisherman led to a deep bond between the penguin whose life he saved and himself. For the full story, click here

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Vegetarianism and Morality

Peter Singer is considered by many to be the initiator of the animal rights movement in the West. I find his application of logic to ascertain what the path to Dharma not just very refreshing but also very Hindu. There are many instances in the Mahabharata where Shri Krishna declares

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Ram Dass: Power of Compassion

This story, perfectly articulated by Ram Dass is why compassion will always be victorious over anger and ego. If it resonates with you, please share it with your friends.

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Working with SWAT London


Prasada (or prasad) is an offering but would it mean more if it was shared with those who are truly in need? Dr Sutton from the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies shares his thoughts.

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