The Goals of Life

Morality and Spirituality

A further analysis of Savitri’s definition of Sanatana Dharma in the Mahabharata by Dr Sutton leads us to recognise the place of morality and spirituality within it.

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A follow up to anugraha and transcendence, in this short piece Dr Sutton explores the act of giving in our lives.

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A short essay by Dr Sutton on the concept of anugraha and it’s meaning within transcendence.

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A supporter’s voice – blog from Guniya Lekh

Our supporter has been working tirelessly for the past week with the villagers and children in Guniya Lekh. She shares her experiences with us on the attitudes, the challenges and the joys of our work and the impact it will have on the village community.

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Getting creative with the kids

For the past few days, the children in Guniya Lekh have been working with a visiting visual artist, Smriti. She is helping them to create artwork that will look nice in their classroom and on the walls. They have also been planning their mural. The mural will cover the outside

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Recycled learning by the young

This video is a little gem of the kind of social impact a small act can have. Admittedly a little dated (it was shot in 2008) but relevant nonetheless in that kernel of an idea Рif we took responsibility to help each other, the world would be a brighter place.

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